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Admission to Translational Neuroscience

The entry and admission is conditional on completion of a university study programme in a relevant subject with a regular study duration of at least six semesters (equivalent to 180 ECTS credit points) with a final grade of 2.0 or better (German grading system). Foreign grades are converted to the German grading system by the "Modifizierte Bayerische Formel" (English version of "Modified Bavarian Formula" for information purpose only).

Regarded as relevant is a university study programme in a Neuroscience or Natural Science subject (e.g. BSc in Biology) or a similar qualification or a study programme of Human Medicine at a German or foreign higher education institution with following in lectures (l), practicals (p) or exercises (e) acquired credit points (cp):

  • 4 credit points in cell and molecular biology or
  • 4 credit points in biochemistry or
  • 4 credit points in biopsychology or
  • 4 credit points in physiology and/or anatomy/neuroanatomy
  • at least 2 credit points form practical experience should be available.

Furthermore, proficiency in English is required. The level of proficiency should be at least B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Appropriate proofs are language certificates that refer to a level of B2 or higher of CEFR (e.g. a passed IELTS Test Level 6.0 or TOEFL Test PBT 500, CBT 200 or iBT 80, etc.) English native speakers are assumed to have a sufficient command of English and are requested to submit appropriate proofs (e.g. birth certificate).

Application term lasts from 15th of May until 15th of July!

Local admission restrictions with a selection procedure (ONC) apply. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available study places (20 study places in total), then a ranking order is compiled on the basis of the final grades of the first qualification permitting entry into profession (e.g. final grade of previous Bachelor programme). A study place will be offered to the first 20 places of the ranking order. If grades are the same, places on the ranking order are decided by lot.

Attention citizens from non-EU/EEA states (European Union and Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway): According to "Vergabeverordnung NRW" (Rules for the Allocation of Study Places in North Rhine-Westphalia) 1 study place (7% of the available study places) is reserved for suitable applicants from non-EU/EEA states.

Attention applicants from foreign countries: Applicants from foreign countries should take into consideration that applying for a visa and finding an accomodaton takes often longer than expected and might collide with the start of the study programme in October. Therefore, start applying for a visa as soon as possible. Please be also aware that the costs of living might be very high in comparison to your home country. More information can be found here.

For further information see Entry and Admission Regulations, Change of Entry and Admission Regulation 18.12.2017 and Change of Entry and Admission Regulation 27.04.2018 (German versions). Only the German version is legally binding. The English translation is intended to allow non-German-speaking applicants a better understanding of the Entry and Admission Regulations. It is solely for information purposes.

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Please read all information carefully before making an application for the winter term 2023/2024!

Application procedure

Online Registration
In order to check whether you fulfil the entry and admission conditions you have to register online at the latest by 15th  of July 2023, 23:59 o´clock Central European Time. During the registration you will be requested to enter your contact details and to upload documents proving your aptitude:

  • Certificate of Bachelor study programme,
  • Transcript of records,
  • Proof of English proficiency (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, German “Abitur”, etc.),
  • Content of modules (courses) taken in Cell and Molecular Biology (4 CP) or in Biochemistry (4 CP) or in Biopsychology (4 CP) or in Physiology (4 CP) and/or anatomy/neuroanatomy, at least 2 credit points from practical experience should be available.

Documents in languages other than English or German have to be certified translated by a sworn translator. Documents in languages other than German or English will not be accepted. In case you have not completed your Bachelor programme yet, an interim certificate with at least 80% of examination and study achievements has be submitted instead. After saving, entered and uploaded information can be changed later on.

To start your online registration please click here.

It is not necessary to submit your documents by airmail anymore!

Application time frame is from May 15th until July 15th 2023. 

For technical reasons, registration is only possible between the 15th of May and the 15th of July. Please note that early registrations cannot be processed.

After the deadline of application has passed, a ranking order is compiled on the basis of the final grades of all applications. The final grade is taken into account to the second decimal place. If grades are the same, places on the ranking list are decided by lot. The final grades for foreign applicants will be converted on the basis of the "Modified Bavarian Formula".

For your information: one study place is reserved for suitable candidates from non-EU/EEA states (EU = European Union; EEA states = Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway).

In case your application is selected, you will receive corresponding notification (∼ end of August 2022). This notification contains details about the enrollment process. If you fail to enroll in time - this will be considered like a rejection of your study place. Then the study place will be allocated to the next candidate on the ranking list. If an applicant is not admitted to the study programme, he or she will be notified in electronic form.

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