How to Apply

Please read all information carefully before making an application for the winter term 2018/2019!
The application procedure consists of two steps:

1. Online Aptitude Test
In order to check whether you fulfil the undefinedentry and admission conditions you have to do an online aptitude test at the latest by 15th of July 2018, 23:59 o´clock Central European Time. During the aptitude test you will be requested to enter your contact details and to upload documents proving your aptitude:

  • certificate of Bachelor study programme,
  • transcript of records,
  • proof of English proficiency,
  • content of modules (courses) taken in Cell and Molecular Biology (7cp), Biochemistry (5cp) and Physiology and/or Anatomy/Neuroanatomy (8 cp).

Documents in languages other than English or German have to be certified translated by a sworn translator. In case you have not completed your Bachelor programme yet, an interim certificate with at least 80% of examination and study achievements has be submitted instead. After saving you may later on change entered and uploaded information. To start the online aptitude test you have to click undefinedhere.

2. Written Application
In addition you have to submit a completed and signed application form with requested documents by mail arriving at the latest by due date 15th of July 2018. The receipt of your written application will be confirmed by e-mail. Legal decisive is not the date of the post stamp but the date of receipt at university Düssedorf. If your certificates and supporting documents are in a language other than English or German, they have to be certified translated by a sworn translator. Documents in languages other than German or English will  not be accepted. To download the application form click undefinedhere.

Application time frame is from May 15th until July 15th 2018.

After the deadline of application has passed, a ranking order is compiled on the basis of the final grades of all applications. The final grade is taken into account to the second decimal place. If grades are the same, places on the ranking list are decided by lot. The final grades for foreign applicants will be converted by university Düsseldorf on the basis of the "undefinedModified Bavarian Formula".

1 study place only is reserved for suitable candidates from non-EU/EEA states (EU=European Union; EEA states= Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway).

In case your application is selected, you will receive corresponding notification (∼ end of August 2018). This notification contains details of a time period within which you must enrol. Should you fail to do so, this is considered as rejection of the study place offered. The study place is then allocated to the next candidate on the ranking list. If an applicant is not admitted to the study programme, he or she is notified in electronic form.

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